Friday, June 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Merriam-Webster dictionary second definition for the adjective shallow is to show little knowledge,thought,or feeling. Even though when you take initiative with a exuberance for creativity within the notion of doubt to achieve acceptance from a broader audience the systematic door of structure close on you to see if you can succeed without the pacifying lie that is build to blind the masses to make you seem larger than when the underline of taking the same initiative is describing you as less than with adjectives like the word "Shallow". You and your work are being told as being shallow.

When you look up the definition of shallow it (the definition) show that it's not you or your work that's shallow but the audience listening to it and they actually have little knowledge,thought,or feelings for what has been so eloquently prepared for them. The actually education. The blood sweat and tears. The sacrifice. This is all deemed as shallow. In a country that pledges to an allegiance to be shallow. You are hypnotised to only see one direction and a couple of possible directions but if you maverick your own path within the system you are not going to be accepted by structuralism standards. So they and them use words like "Shallow" and you will be shunned. In this day in age of estrogen dominance these type of psychological tactics are use to not feed but to push away. This expectance to decline anything guiding towards the liberation of the estrogen dominance is a "fail to succeed" psychological illusion to hypnotise the masses to think and escape. Compare it to when you scientifically and mathematically give them the answer 1+1=2 you are described as shallow. Shallow?