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Monday, September 13, 2010

4080 New Single "NEITH" off The Awakening Of Osiris

Your Hatred Became Your Artistical Degradation

The energy spewed towards another is nothing but hatred and that hateful energy is for to confuse with a realistic hatred within your life.
It's everywhere television,movie,music,and print. Hatred became the biggest business.
You promote the opposite yet are fueled by the very thing you promote to be against.
"Stop Hating" has become a term yet if you actually "Stop Hating" the masses might all die.
Now you don't want that to happen now do you? It's killing the very soul connected to the universe and it dwindling and flickering to the point that a man's soul is merely a piolet light.
While you try to keep up in this rat race to fuel your hatred. Many are DRIVEN by Hatred.
YET wear no mask unlike the Klu Klux Klan but yet are as vicious on that level of public hatred.
With a inferiority complex to imprisoned ones mind to have them actually think that they are not allowed to move or breath with out their own existence attached to you even though you dont want to have anything to do with that very person that has your focus. Now THAT'S THAT DEEP Rooted HATRED! IT'S set up so that an person can sprawl that hatred and display it in a matter of time that it might not be as much hatred within your total existence. Oh you understood what I meant in the prior sentence. Your cellphone can capture video, text, and can log on to the world wide web and can be posted for many eyes can see. And they interjected the creative process some how and let your personal spews become dribble so everyone is entered into your personal conversations, some what. And what somebody do after that? START HATING ON WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT. AND YOUR REPLY IS,"STOP HATING!"

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