Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take Hip Hop Out On A Date

She's everywhere in dominance. Moving in groups or solo. Hip hop is in every spot imaginable. Take her out on a date though?
Approach her. Introduce yourself. Make that move with all your confidence. Once she accept your offer you will be in the background starring at her all night. Marveling her beauty. In awe at all she has achieved and accomplished. She will give you this feeling like you are living a dream. You will go out dressed in the clothing SHE OWNS. Go out to nightspots she frequent since they allowed her in the establishment. You will live a fantasy that you dared to dream since you was sitting on the couch starring at the tube watching 106 and Park. Hip Hop is a money making rat race of explicate exploited, sex, money,crime,and drugs.

Hip Hop is the finest woman ever,highly technological in all areas. Having women,men,animals,material items at her whim.
You will now question your self in all insecurity,"What do i have to offer?". Even the most simplistic of your ideas will be uploaded and around the world within minutes from somebody else living NO WHERE near you and will receive more hits than a fine woman working at a cab company. All efforts of anything you may bring her will be accepted,appreciated and then will sit till cold like you handed her her favorite flavor of chia latte and it sat there while she's on the iphone,conducting big business with money hungary corporate machines that stand in front of her shaking like the heroine addicts at a methadone clinic.

"What do I have to offer?" I am the only man that saw her and still looks at her the same why while all the home boys was using her as "Street Fame" to brag about how crazy they are. I am the only one that saw her potential to become the power house woman that jet sets and travel the entire world without batting a eyelash. She'll take her expensive imported designer shoes off while still conducting business. Asking you, "what's really going on in the hood?." And you will tell her and be brash and heartless within her shroud of power where others buckle and tremble. You are her champion in her eyes and while under her you have anything you ever dreamed. Un-effected by her success you will keep your eyes on her and never take them off of her. That's why she fell head over heels in love with you. Hip HOP!
Written Bernard Hyman


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The New 4080 Album Cover for the Next LP

Its been approved. Designed by Bernard Hyman


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keith Elam 7/17/66-4/19/2010

The First Time I go to school Sound Engineer I meet Keith going to pick up something at Sam Ash in NYC.
Thats when my life changed forever. Him and his boy "Black" really was some down to earth brothers.

Keith really introduced me to that renaissance music scene.At the time you see him out in the streets.Performing Shows.Making dope records.Alot of Keith is in me. For that time i learned alot and had more respect of the business and art of Music. This was through his knowledge and his boy "Black". He really had a bridge from Street hip hop and Jazz. His respect in Music is larger than one can wonder.

Keith really changed my mind frame of thinking that Mc's were just dumb cowards of literary imagination. That you can have a poised intelligence without up-staining towards that thug image and still make dope street records wIthout losing your integrity.
My nigga Bald Head Slick! RIP


Monday, April 12, 2010

Download Heroine & Sex Album

4080 Heroin & Sex


Friday, April 9, 2010

I was KNOCK off my Blogging

So Blogging was slowed to a halt like a ball rolled out in the street then a child jumped from in between cars to retrieved it and your head was turned away from the road then suddenly snapped forward by instincts. *insert braking tires here* When the album has to be finish there is this insight this sorta foresight that tells your creative instincts every move that has to made till completion.
Its simular to the moves made by Neo in the Matrix but i'm far from Neo and this not the Matrix. So it's a kinda unbalance something suffers. The blog suffered. Then when you put material that hits home and is on the edge of laws FCC and social morals you get hit quick and thats when the Ustream was banned. So with two outlets blocked I WENT IN AND I WENT IN HARD!
The album is done and will be dropping soon. Right after the completion my Ustream was returned and lifted from banned.
So all avenues were opened back up. I rejoiced. I went fifteen rounds. I have to admit I cheated a little not like cheated and had someone else play instruments for me BUT I did rely on older techniques I used on pass albums. Just a little. And it felt routined but when layering with a new depth sound you do want to keep it with a certain range. I could had expanded but it would of sounded contemporary and redundant. So to me it was like being in a basic fighting stance at a higher level of fighting. I tell my self, "Don't forget the basics". I didn't but i felt like trash....a little....kinda.