Friday, July 30, 2010

The Human Torch

Many people make pass judgments when it comes to expression and you really have to give and take in the same energy. You no longer can become yourself is what a lot of people say like they transformed into some change. All those that say stuff like that to define themselves are some punks. This shows who you really are inside and shows how contempt you are with your internal emotions to the bone. A lot of people except the punk excuse by saying or replying something like this, " this change is for the better." I'm laughing at these fools who aspire to dream. They want to be the opposition but still want to stand so close to make their envy so real. The situation is surreal. I don't have to dream all i have to do is become. I am the Human Torch the only thing stopping me is the water. Besides that I have no concerns about what your convictions and decision based on your opinions are. I stare these fools dead in they eyes and what ever excuse they can come up with all i see is a bunch of punks. People scared to fight in the opposite direction. Living nothing towards their dreams and ideas they become defeated by jealousy and no matter the out come they lose every time. I become the human torch thus my flame has become my rod and my sword. The words that fall will be in every aseptic of destroying your social circle and aesthetics.
Fuck you and everything you believe in because i'm a make sure you don't even exist.
My fire will cause three alarms Till everything you got standing is GONE.