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ONCE you come to the conclusion that all MC's depend on literary illusion and the riddle rhymes are nothing but nostalgia records AND that there has been placed a pseudo aesthetic towards the rhyme you will see that it's just a basic lower level of song writing. Like you will NEVER see a MC in a million years win any awards for song writing unless he/she writes outside his/her genre of Hip Hop. Imagination and a lot of starring off in space is what you will see a MC do as he/she write their rhymes.
There are NO flows of continuous poetical form there a lot of pausing and stopping and figuring out the rhyme scheme. They call it word play but it's more like word placement. From first glance you would think they are taking a exam at a graduate college level or was doing someone taxes. Unfortunately they are not it will take hours upon hours for the simplistic basic ass rhymes that come out their mouths. YES HOURS for that worthless dribble in rhyme form. Millions upon Millions have been spent for babble you will hear children spittle while at play. Many claim a higher learning they have yet to reach or obtained. Many were never even English Majors. Yet sit there within their realm of prestige of absolutely nothingness and gloat about the worthless word linked in poetic form that says nothing. Trapped in a literary world of poetical garbage and redundancy only to sell the "FLOW" to the publishing company like cracked out drug addicts these rhymes are accepted in society and will live more prosperous than the artist that created them. Why wouldn't the MC be as tragic as any other fine arts artist that live past the 20th Century. Now it seems the MC's is not even a stand around artist it's more like the court jester in every realm of every Social Artistical Level. The MC sold themselves as NEXT LEVEL when actually it sold its self short as LOWER LEVEL JESTERS OF LITERARY POETICAL FORM. THE MC. MASTER OF CERIMONIES. This title has become the greatest illusion of illiteracy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hip Hop Records But For The Record...

In Hip Hop you will never see sheet music written out first then handed to trained experienced musicians to play out. Hip Hop is a magical moment of spontaneous improvisational energy. Not one moment at all the producer will have any clue what is about to be made into song. Yes a Hip Hop producer will have beats pre made that are to be chosen. That decision is still made at some moment time which is a spontaneous moment. Still money is paid for studio time for a improvisation moment in time that does not exist yet. Millions of dollars have been made off this moment in time. This moment in time with music has been made so many times. Yet even in the digital age the art of writing music has yet to transcend into Hip Hop. You would think as exquisite Hip Hop is written you would think the music would be even it out for a balance. Unfortunately that is the unbalance in Hip Hop the music is not written. Now with the merge with trained classical musicians for studio session that balance has been met.
Still the conductor is aside the Hip Hop producer and the orchestration in the music comes after the thought or idea. it's never pre meditated. Now more than ever songs being made are collective efforts and ideas of a group of their peers. Still the simplicity of the record never comes to a simple musician level of notes and melodies.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Style You Created Wasn't Even Your Own

In HIp Hop when you think of style you think you think of flamboyance,vivid colors,and unique individualism. When the style for Hip hop started back back back waaaaaay back in the day it was of choice of clothes that were marketed for certain financially secure individuals. These choices of clothes made poor people "LOOK RICH" . The pieces the B BOY actually chose was clothes of leisure than it was a costume. The kids would parlay out in the park and they would spew of this exuberance of culture. it would be this energy like you are in another country and there is a crowd that you have not one clue what goes on in their world but all you know it was better than yours. This why Nas was scared to kick his little raps in the park. the older dudes ruled what was the word from their lips. The talk was a slang never heard of,the style of dress was a conservative funk spin off with the individualism of a flip of a hat, or the way you "ROCKED YOUR FAT LACES". This tribe was the rejected and the poor and the only place that would accept this eclectic crowd are the inner city public parks of America. The music is a tribe representation of the places they traveled from which marveled the riches they dreamed. This STYLE was an escape from the poverty they were stricken by. The dance was a body contortion that would posses the crowd to see animation, this style of dancing would capture the crowds imagination without any electricity but many times in a jazz style like contemporary-ism would put certain icons in it. Still this style was so conservative that it would extend out side and inside of an open card board box or a sheet of tile. Even to take care of your clothing, shoes, and etc was a culture it self. Out of this little bubble "THE COOL KIDS" unknowingly took over the world. Just for creating a style to escape the reality of stricken poverty that they really lived in. The style that they created was not of their own and was designed not for this scraggly poor kids smoking, gambling, and getting high out in the park.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Energy Not To Conform: Leftist Beat Fetish

Hip Hop was the stretched simplicity of a break down within a orchestrated rhythm song to give those musicians a kinda break unlike jazz that kept the complexity from beginning to end. Within the use of two turn tables the simplistic break was extended
and celebrated. You have a generation of humans that orchestrates a simplistic beat with a sort of complexity in the drum pattern. These simplistic complex beats have been practiced on lunch tables ,lockers,bleachers, and trash cans . Now with the invention of drum machines this energy to complex a simplistic beat from the knuckles fist and palm can be recorded. It took years for drummers to master their style and technique. Now drumming can be simple as taps on a pad recorded and over dubbed. This slow retardation of Drumming for dummies is the now contemporary and this drum pad tapping mother fuckers are being revealed as genius. They cover up the fact that this simplistic retarded drum pattern is not what it appears to be and that it's not genius but less than that. They have the retarded talentless production documented on Youtube videos and they attached a slang positive reenforcement like "Dope" or "fresh" with a head nod that immediately means you approve of the what comes out the speaker. The lie (talentless musicians) been up held for so long that on instant when a known producer play a instrumental the heads nod with not a pause of processing of what's being digested. Now you have digital equipment that frees the artist and musician from repetitious retardation simplistic art form. So the breaks are can be as complex or birth of new drum patterns can be birth. So these talentless so proclaimed producers are sitting there with heads full of simplistic garbage that will no longer be accepted as "genius" music. The liberation of staleness in Hip Hop music is no loger and it will be array of colorful sounds and music.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Draw Of My Inspiration

As you would see in movies about graffiti they always have this monolog about how graffiti were these little tags. Growing up walking to school and going to parks tags like these would entice our imagination and Hot Rod The CUZ was this superhero with a marker. This obviously was decades ago. Now that same mark of this Zorro is hardly visibly seen. Faded now ,can be captured by digital devices. These very tags was fried in our imagination and expanded as the greatest before we could even define and process what graffiti really was.
Those little tags created a world wide artistical street edge power horse that has taken over the world more ways than one. Drawn inspiration for many of people that really embraced the true love for this street art sub culture,even not knowing the true intention of the tags from these graffiti writers ,imagination like mine really made those little letters a person bigger than life.
-Sun das ill