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Death Grips - The Fever (Aye Aye)

Death Grips - Guillotine (It goes Yah)


SInce the days of Jesus Christ the god given had to answer a realm and the god given rebelled which ends in a tragic death. Only by the Palaces does the hierarchy hires the god given artist to display some form of greatness that will be timeless. Even in Hip Hop The music industry imitates this hierarchy ritual making it the business dealings. The Emcee takes all the credit and is noted as a genius business man. The only talent is to spew worthless lyrics many times bought. The god given warns or is in their face, the greatest talent, but never goes against, and will up hold the hierarchy in fear of death in business or a artistical death. The masses as worthless will support while in fear of being embraced as a massive tribe of worthlessness. These placed idiot savants are marveled as greatness while many of the "God Given" are working around "one" like worker bees. Jimi Hendrix whom I deemed the architect of Hip Hop was dealing with this during his stint in New York working with the Isley Brothers, whom had to find someone to replace Jimi Hendrix. While Jimi Hendrix was creating music over in Europe, Jimi Hendrix began to design and create sounds and music that will be the later unannounced foundation of Hip Hop. As creative Jimi Hendrix was his peers shun him upholding the imagined emulated hierarchy laws for aristocrats changed in definition by the peasants and slaves to up hold the same laws within the Music Business within the streets filled with creativity. As they hold these imagined laws within their social circles of lackadaisical consciousness. Jimi Hendrix is flown to the lands of Europe to creatively run neck and neck with England's "Rock And Roll Elite". Jimi Hendrix while performing in Europe out plays his band-mates "The Expirence" using a chirping riff sound from his guitar that is later noted as the same music theory to create in a Hip Hop form. Prior, Isley Brother try to record with Jimi Hendrix prior to Jimi's Europe success but only a few demos are produced. The Hierarchy laws soon catch up to Jimi Hendrix after this performance sending Jimi Hendrix back to the United States with all his success. Jimi Hendrix had to build his own studio and to create the music he wanted to create. The African American community still has no connection with Jimi Hendrix as Jimi Hendrix is self conscious about what so called "Black America" thinks about him. The Social Circles still never break their imagined hierarchy laws still trying to contract Jimi Hendrix which gets Hendrix in alot of legal trouble later on after his death. These very laws exist to this day within the Hip Hop community . They will have you marvel the talentless implying dreams of rich beyond your dreams. Displaying lavishness as you pay for this window to gawk a life that is claiming better than yours. They manipulate with the "Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side" Psychological Theory. These Music Industry structures are created to uphold union controlled working staffs that by contract are guaranteed weekly pay. This is skilled labor. Skilled labor whom are masters of their craft. "God Given" talent whom are masters of their talent only to support the talentless. The talented swarming the talentless idiot savant thus the security is proved to make sure this threshold that imitates the royalty in the palaces are never broken. These idiot savant talentless chess pieces of worthlessness are poor hired as models of corporate art achievement to attain purchases by the royal elite EVEN IN HIP HOP. Its aim is to achieve the royal adolescence. These companies spend millions for a few artist whom fit the royalty criterion. Thus the guards and the seclusion surrounded by lavishness. The laws of Rock And Roll that were created in AMERICA has been eradicated. The laws of Hip Hop which were created are still upheld but have been eradicated in essence to uptain the rambunctious younger class of the royal family. America had to equalize with the royal family of the palaces by creating an upper class. A swear to aim at the upper class only from entertainment while the lower class are only to be hired to uphold these imagined hierarchy rules of business in opposite to the Ministry of Arts within the royal palaces. These Companies will obtain accolades that will form some kind of artistical achievement . These companies have create accolades for the many sales they have to make just so this company in business to seem superior. The Artist has to shape shift its self as if the King or Queen of the palaces as the majestic speaks among his or her dominions. These are all lies. Companies are on thin ice oceans of chapter eleven. So called popular artist have no homes nor bank accounts with full families. Claiming millions only to known that they spent millions daily with their pay. Spending beyond their means. Michael Jackson has yet to claim the Millions he has even years after his death. They actually stop the entire music business to individually count the number actually sold after the pop stars murder. IT ONLY IMITATES A Lavish Life Style only to mirror the actual royal elite family of PERSIA. United States and all the citizens within it are still torn not being among the elite and hold some form of attachment. America has given up on its god given to marvel an idiot savant only to be displayed/marketed in a slow grueling death which is the crucifixion designed by the Persian Army to display to the public to never defy the laws of the Royal Family. You hear of the laws of illuminati as they pray to a reign man or rain man a babbling idiot genius that has the sight to see all things created in America to achieve wealth to rise the poor as a KING only to pray to God/SATAN. These believers Driven in a induced drug haze till obscurity. The government investigating these music industry companies only to waste millions for lackadaisical life styles with scripted talking codes that are broken in corners with anxiety only to be manual scripted as mild mental deficiencies. Prescribed drugs to a weakened psychological state. These are placed chess pieces for you to not become the elite of the country you live in. They never gone to school of any achievement of any scholastic accolade yet sit as if they are some form of master among the intellectual Social Circle. Create some form of economical foundation for scholastic funding these are all front offices to emulate the royal palaces of PERSIA. These very so called artist "idiot savants" can't pass a simple G. E. D. test. Only wanting the rest of the nation to have you believe they set a path or paved a way from the gutter to the corporate office and are among the elite. These idiot savants are among the elite as the homeless are among you walking down the street. As the homeless beg for change these artist beg for investors to buy in their projects as they marvel about the god given talented that they will be among. In the executive offices is where the tables are turned. This is where the "SPENDING" is discussed and the saying, "What We Need From YOU" comes out of CEO moves and mouths. As these idiot savant artist are trained to answer only with a "That will be no problem". The executive offices are where slaves and master have these discussions about productivity and now the productivity is not exciting the royal palaces not one bit. The promises of these idiot savants are trained to agree to are not kept or now falling short of productivity numbers. They want you to believe all is well with astronomical sale numbers but it's not equating the spending just to achieve these meager sales numbers. When these idiot savants are taken cared of as pets like in a zoo the information of "How Are They Taken Cared Of.." trickles down into the residential areas. They display "This is how these idiots are taken cared of " when they are not taken cared of exactly shown. These companies are emulating the royal existence, which royalty they are not. These citizens are the poor to low peasant levels and will never achieve. This emulation of existence that United State continues will never achieve the same as Persia. This has to stop. The "God Given" will become the marveled talent as dreamed and the idiot savant will only be nostalgic court jester. The Persian Royal Family will be respected as the greatest family to rule over many of countries and never imitated. These imagined poverish hierarchy laws imitated of the Persian Royal Ministry Of The Arts and illuminati will no longer exist.