Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2 your face #ODOG

Cory gunz need to wake up to where his style came from and he gonna write Onika stuff and none of that stuff was a hit.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pop Influences being insecurities

The biggest thing i am encountering in making Hip Hop since Hip Hop has been reaching the pop charts. These pop chart artist build the character matrix for alot of up and coming artist. So they mimic these artist just to satisfy an audience. This always been a problem in music making when you copy artist to gain gigs. Ray Charles was famous for imitating styles and mimicking other artist voice because those artist were their favorite at the time. Artist will sound exactly enough when in the course of making records. Only in making records you will fine these common patterns.
Pop music will add the pressure to younger minds to enforce that this is the artist you will design yourself after. Idolize to the point you can hear their character make in their voice. Childish Gambino is one and it seem like he controlled it enough to knock out his first album. While other artist whom used this approach were one trick ponies. Kendrick Lamar definitely  is one these that was mimicking Kanye West before
signed with Aftermath. Why he was passed by other labels.
Almost all major label are mimicking other artist either signed or unsigned.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tink - Treat Me Like Somebody (Official Video) Shot By @AZaeProduction

485 ft Tink - OTS (Off The Shitz) OFFICIAL VIDEO - Shot By @RioProdBXC

Tink - Fight It | @Official_Tink Prod. By @ThaKidDJL

Tink - Molly Love

Tink - Bonnie and Clyde (OFFICIAL VIDEO) | Shot By @Franky_LoKoV

Tink - "Fingers Up" | Shot by @DGainzBeats & @ELEVATOR_

Tink f/ Seven - Hate On Me | Shot By @AZaeProduction

Tink - Background Music (Official Video) | Shot By @AZaeProduction

Tink - Bars (Official Video) Shot By @AZaeProduction

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


 Creativity is the truth and will destroy manipulative media arts because media arts is to manipulate the public,  thus why they marvel artist whom manipulate. Now you have digital dimensions that can go into so many aspects to manipulate yet it also can support the same level of creativity and now with this aspect that can go so deep in the level of consciousness that it will hit the psyche and vibrate another level. manipulative artist will never achieve this level.

Monday, January 6, 2014


The state of music is being scrutinized by certain artist
in Hip Hop and R&B. The current music is being bashed as Techno Pop Cornball Ass Music by likes of Erykah Badu. Yet these are the same artist with just as limited a music dynamic. If there were a deeper dynamic for music these artist would be marveling this level of artist in their deepest display. These artist feed off other artist and have the technology to mimic, with music going in this direction, till the next trend, this style of Techno Pop Cornball Ass Music is what will cut these, barnacle neo soul leeches off. I dont know i hope they go to feast on, I dunno what ever music they can find to manipulate the public as if they themselves are authentic musicians. I mean these artist that are upset at the current state as if sucking blood from every soul,jazz,R&B,HipHop record really validates their ridicule criticism. And... wasn't these artist sliding mimics of techno drum solos in the breaks of their music to sound savoy and hip in the late 90's or 2k. Techno music has been the burner cooking club money maker for the last decade while these artist still are delusional with a side of extra ego stroking with this social media hype. Is it really "Techno Pop Cornball Ass Music Or are you a boring ass fun killer with a delusional ego  that's taking all this microwave pop ass music, in all genre, just a tad bit too serious?  Or is this "Techno Pop" sound being uplifted  so these shell of an artist sound like a neo music elitist snob?

Thursday, January 2, 2014



IF the Hip Hop of 2013 was a movie the movie would be Star Wars. When Han solos scam Luke and Obi Wan on their ship The Millennium Falcon. As many flaws  and repairs the Millennium Falcon needed it still went into hyper drive. It gets the job done.

This was the hype of Hip Hop it sold how better it was compared to others that it was propelled into the upper echelon. Eminem,Jay Z, Beyonce are custom designed to reach the levels of lame squares kingdom that you wont hear anything for a minute. The Lames can brag and claim inspiration as they paint by numbers to produce these so called duped mind warped high level of levels in entertainment.

Where they brain went? The drama on social media became the best Public Relations Person ever. Still, even with the drama it didn't really dig in the entire spectrum of music. I mean "Yeezus" is being argued as one of "Those" albums yet Kanye West doesn't come up on any producer of the year non Classical.  These entertainers  are just hype. These producers are not real musicians that will create just to minimize. You will be entertained but you will not be for filled. This is the mentality of Fast Food with splashes of arrest and violence. It's the trick making the many  excited for the music with out concentrating how the music effects you. They want you warped mentality into believing yo stanking ass is popular than, what the fuck effects you makes you love yourself better. Hip Hop does that with its bragging. You find that artist that gives you that jolt and enjoy the marvel of it no single none or less. You're so busy swimming the currents of what's so trendy you lose yourself hyper extending yourself image display. It's like you are your own car sales men selling yourself and this is the music that plays in the background.
Well all that sold 2013. 2014 Deads all that.

sun das ill