Monday, November 25, 2013

To  my knowledge i met Dominique Young Unique on twitter when she was younger and she's 22 now. Her Domination mixtape is not on the trendy radar for downloads but she has a album deal with SONY and dropped a single for the sound track for hit movie KICK ASS 2. Her Mixtape is slamming. I'm not just saying, it's better than most females mixtapes out even Nicki Minaj. The production is video game and older education tv inspired ,mix and structured to support her Hood dripping swag rhymes. It's a lil of the old school mix with that splash of repetitious reggae call chant.Shout out to the producers the execution is on a whole another level. ANother level to the point the mixtape catching  hardcore music producers/artist DOMINIQUE TEAM know they caught that.
While these trendy and wanna be pop crowds stay out the loop.

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