Thursday, January 2, 2014


IF the Hip Hop of 2013 was a movie the movie would be Star Wars. When Han solos scam Luke and Obi Wan on their ship The Millennium Falcon. As many flaws  and repairs the Millennium Falcon needed it still went into hyper drive. It gets the job done.

This was the hype of Hip Hop it sold how better it was compared to others that it was propelled into the upper echelon. Eminem,Jay Z, Beyonce are custom designed to reach the levels of lame squares kingdom that you wont hear anything for a minute. The Lames can brag and claim inspiration as they paint by numbers to produce these so called duped mind warped high level of levels in entertainment.

Where they brain went? The drama on social media became the best Public Relations Person ever. Still, even with the drama it didn't really dig in the entire spectrum of music. I mean "Yeezus" is being argued as one of "Those" albums yet Kanye West doesn't come up on any producer of the year non Classical.  These entertainers  are just hype. These producers are not real musicians that will create just to minimize. You will be entertained but you will not be for filled. This is the mentality of Fast Food with splashes of arrest and violence. It's the trick making the many  excited for the music with out concentrating how the music effects you. They want you warped mentality into believing yo stanking ass is popular than, what the fuck effects you makes you love yourself better. Hip Hop does that with its bragging. You find that artist that gives you that jolt and enjoy the marvel of it no single none or less. You're so busy swimming the currents of what's so trendy you lose yourself hyper extending yourself image display. It's like you are your own car sales men selling yourself and this is the music that plays in the background.
Well all that sold 2013. 2014 Deads all that.

sun das ill

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