Monday, January 6, 2014


The state of music is being scrutinized by certain artist
in Hip Hop and R&B. The current music is being bashed as Techno Pop Cornball Ass Music by likes of Erykah Badu. Yet these are the same artist with just as limited a music dynamic. If there were a deeper dynamic for music these artist would be marveling this level of artist in their deepest display. These artist feed off other artist and have the technology to mimic, with music going in this direction, till the next trend, this style of Techno Pop Cornball Ass Music is what will cut these, barnacle neo soul leeches off. I dont know i hope they go to feast on, I dunno what ever music they can find to manipulate the public as if they themselves are authentic musicians. I mean these artist that are upset at the current state as if sucking blood from every soul,jazz,R&B,HipHop record really validates their ridicule criticism. And... wasn't these artist sliding mimics of techno drum solos in the breaks of their music to sound savoy and hip in the late 90's or 2k. Techno music has been the burner cooking club money maker for the last decade while these artist still are delusional with a side of extra ego stroking with this social media hype. Is it really "Techno Pop Cornball Ass Music Or are you a boring ass fun killer with a delusional ego  that's taking all this microwave pop ass music, in all genre, just a tad bit too serious?  Or is this "Techno Pop" sound being uplifted  so these shell of an artist sound like a neo music elitist snob?

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