Wednesday, December 25, 2013


As 2013 gets choked by artificial flavor hiphop and bashed in the head with a PS4. 2014 does promise alot less music from stapled older dudes babbling about their delusional success with their delusional marriage and delusional spouse attached with that rebelled artist that came on their Hampton spouses blouse. The year coming promise the youth the younger generation and alot of them will under sell and be ignored.
Hip Hop will be backed but will get stomped and strangled by some summer movie blockbuster. Hip Hop will lose it's sting among the banter of the youth anti-penniless. Hip Hop will become more discussed as its youth smooth over into thirty something. The animal of it's elite has spawned as it's hatchlings will sprawl. You have some album releases being recorded and may taste the autumn of 2014. You will see alot more head swiveling as the youth shall rebel with the music of rebellion. Hip Hop shall become the music climate within internal warfare compared to Afghanistan in 2014.

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