Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The confusion of the origin of Hip Hop vocal styles.

Since the beginning i've been rapping over instrumentals vocal styles where very basic. When you go to record in a professional recording studio you are up against recording industry rules when it comes to vocal styling. Later in Hip Hop as it expands to the southern regions the vocal styles were similar to R&B standards while up in NYC the vocal styles change to what was popular at the time. Still you can record vocals in other studios you wanted the optimum sound and engineers would add vocal effects. Still as long as i've been recording the vocals were very basic. Now Down South Hip Hop artist are claiming to have created the very basic vocal style and NYC Hip Hop artist followed their lead. Artist like Fat Joe Redman Epmd and Das Efx always have the raw vocal sounds and i guess certain down south artist now want to claim NYC are following their lead when making Hip Hop music. I can see claiming it and being excited that certain artist may follow a trend but ever since the early nineties
songs where constructed. I'm not gonna front when i heard the artist BG i was excited about how stripped down his vocals were and it just showed that the industry changed being he was once a top selling artist under Cash Money Records. Still it's pretty naive to believe you came with a style if you followed the inspirations of RUN DMC and etc. I just wanted to address this because it can be misconstrued that a certain down south artist created the raw vocal style because the major labels were against it because of recording industry laws. Only if you do your homework this raw style can be found on many NYC Hip Hop albums.


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