Friday, December 20, 2013

My Rhyme style didn't evolve from rap but graffiti. I developed my graffiti first I didn't develop my freestyle skills till later hanging around "KIDS". It wasn't even anything serious it was a dozen style rebuttal  towards these pesky street rappers that would see us chilling and had no angle to literally talk to us so they would abruptly bark at us "You wanna BATTLE!!". This would happen so many times that it begin to be a pain in the ass. We didn't know a few of us that we chilled with became professional EMCEES. At the time,the process was to go around and battle rap. So after these excursions of rhyme quarrels Emcees would look for a next bout or they would send them to Washington Square Park (NYC), since alot of Rhyme Cipher Battles would take place there. This is were the evolution of the rhyme cipher was given birth as I know it. Of course it came from somewhere else but as far as I know it and few of the Emcees are still prominent in the recording industry after signing that recording contract. If it happen some where else I wouldn't know. I like Hip Hop but I didn't care for being an Emcee till Kid Hood was killed. He was this kid that had this ill rhyme style and recorded with A Tribe Called Quest Song on The Low End Theory "The Scenario" remix. We was chilling with dude like days before at Washington Square Park we would call the "Da Square". I remember when we didn't see him and didn't really pay it no mind because so many of us would be at the square and would disappear, hell i've done too many times. So it was a no biggie that Kidd Hood was doing something else but he lived in a shelter for men and was homeless at the time. Later he was killed as soon as the song "Scenario"  released on 12 inch right in front of the homeless shelter he stayed at. I read it in some Hip Hop newspaper that was in New York City we would get free near party card flyers. I bought the A Tribe Called Quest single and grabbed one of the news papers that wrote a article about Kidd Hood being killed and i heard it later on the Hip Hop segment of NYU radio that played the Scenario (remix).
What came with the remix was the instrumental and i started writing rhymes in structure to the instrumental and decided i was gonna spit bars in spirit of Kidd Hood whom had a totally different style and became a legend in the Hip Hop game till this day. So I started taking rhyming seriously since 1992.
I developed my own style off of battle diss rap off the dome freestyling. And seriously started writing rhymes since 1992.

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